How to Spend Your Time in Asheville

Asheville is a city that has something for its residents and visitors to enjoy, regardless of the things that interest them or the people in the crowd. Once you find the perfect furnished apartments asheville nc, you’re set to enjoy all the fun that you can handle as a resident of this great city.

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Go Downtown

Endless downtown activities are sure to be what you want and need to enjoy your life to the fullest. Make sure you take a brewery tour if you are a fan of adult beverages and want to have fun with the guys or your girls. Visit a music venue or simply walk around and explore the scenery. Downtown is booming -make sure you’re a part of the fun.

Water Activities

Asheville has plenty of public swimming pools to enjoy throughout the summer, but there is also lakes and ponds and great water where kayaking, canoeing, and fishing are popular activities. If you love the water, Asheville has what you need and want to live life to the fullest when summer rolls around.


A nice hike can help refresh your mind and introduce you to many discoveries you’d otherwise missed out on enjoying. It also keeps you active and fit and provides fun and enjoyment for everyone in the family.


Who doesn’t enjoy shopping? When the right stores are available to shop, this activity is beloved by so many people of all ages and backgrounds. One thing that you won’t miss out on in Asheville is great shopping! There are a couple of malls, antique parlors, boutiques, and tons of other great shopping spots to enjoy.


Golf is not a sport for everyone, but for those who enjoy putting, it’s an adventure of a lifetime. If you are among those people who cannot golf enough, check out the PGA courses and the great places to enjoy golf in Asheville.